Full Cream Milk Powder

Our FCMP and IFCMP is made from pure, fresh cow’s milk. The milk powder is produced through a High Temperature Spray Dry process. The powder, when mixed again with water, carries the original, pure-homogenous, and full taste of fresh milk.

Full Cream milk Powder, which is also known as Full Fat Milk Powder, is obtained from Pasteurizing, Homogenizing the raw milk, & then by evaporating water from it. The cited health reason is the increase in shelf life of the milk by preserving it without the refrigeration thus making it a healthy option as well as the economical way of carrying milk.

Available Packing:

Tins: 400gr,900gr,2.5kg

Pouches: 25gr, 50gr, 250gr, 400gr, 900gr, 2.5kg