Alphanso Mango Pulp

The King of Mangoes

With its distinctive golden skin, deliciously sweet taste and natural aroma, the Alphonso mango stands out from other varieties. Known for its versatile applications, this mango is a celebrated ingredient for renowned across the globe.

Alphanso Mango Pulp is made from the choicest Alphonso mangoes harvested from select orchards.

Anant Group’s Natural Alphonso Mango Pulp, you can now enjoy your favourite Alphonso mango throughout the year.


  • 220 litres aseptic Bag-In-Drums – 215 Kgs Nett
  • 3.10 Kgs A – 10 OTS Cans X 6 Nos X 1 Carton – 18.600 Kgs Nett

Container Loading

  • Bag – In – Drums – 80 Drums / 20 Ft Dry Fcl
  • Can – In – Cartons – 1000 Cartons / 20 Ft Dry Fcl


  • Storage at ambient temperature (do not freeze)

Shelf Life

  • 24 months from the date of production under ambient temperature

A can of Alphonso Mango Pulp (850g) contains 8-10 Alphonso Mangoes